Strategies have been fixed to involve the local people and their active participation in the afforestation programme acid protection of forests. Forests play a big role in the service of local people. National Forest policy is also devised in the similar way. The success of Ganga Action Plan (GAP) has encouraged similar action to its tributaries. A National River Conservation plan has also been taken for abatement of pollution in major 18 rivers of the country. Another programme for selected lakes has also been started. All projects have to take prior environmental clearance.

Such efforts are designed to protect, improve the quality of the environment. Good Environment is a natural right of every citizen. This is the “Common heritage of Mankind”.

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So Government is committed to ensure that, but environment improvement should form the part of people’s movement and awareness must be extended to all section of people. Only then a real success can be achieved. The Panchayats, municipalities, development authorities, NGOs, Government Departments should work in unique and coherent manner to ensure a better environment.