It differs from political theory in the sense that while political theory deals with factual, causal and evaluative or valuation elements, political science is only concerned with the former two moreover, in terms of method also. While political science relies on scientific method of observation, generalization, explanation and prediction of political phenomenon that could be verifiable, political theory also engage in logical construction which are often incapable of empirical verification.

2. Political Thought:

Political thought refers to the thought of the whole community. It is time bound. They are not organized and systematic in form. They can be in the form of speeches or writings.

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It is thus as Stromss says “conditioned by historical context.” Political theory on the other hand is work of single individual analyzing conditions of collective life.

3. Political Ideology:

Political ideology means a system of well comprehensive ideas which aim to justify or condemn an existing system. They are often concerned either about change or status quo.

Ideology politics, according to Frank Thakurdas is “doctrinaire, didatic, dogmatic, transitory, prescriptive, and polemical and propagandit, partisan, combative and destructive whose appeal is in the nature of religious belief.” It is always used as an instrument for some gain. Political theories are generally concerned with change towards a better political order. Its vision is grounded on justificatory basis which ideologies often lack.

4. Political Philosophy:

Political philosophy deals with native and purpose of state, rights and liberties of people etc.

It focuses on the enduring elements of political life and suggests best way for its realization. Political theory deals with explanation of political phenomenon as well as a viable alternative. It is concerned with particular issues or problems.