The social groups are independent in their organisations but as parts of the society these are interdependent. In the exercise of power by them a sort of balance exists among these because each group has power and each is a partner in the exercise of power.

The main supporters of the Pluralist Theory of Power have been Bentley, Figgis, Lindsay Barker, Laski, Maclver, Miss Follet, Hunter and Daltl. In other words, Pluralist Theory of Power advocates the view that power in society, particularly in cache democratic society, is neither in the hands of a single class nor does it belong to any single elite. It belongs to various groups and interests which have influence in society and which continuously complete for influencing the process decision-making at all levels.

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Decision-making is a complex process which involves bargaining among various social groups. Pluralists accept social diversity and hold that in each society power is in the hands of a plurality of groups.