Civil Society consists of organized attempts and activities of non-governmental associations which work for serving a public purpose by working as autonomous private organizations of the people. Civil Society helps the society to live as a healthy and continuously evolving system of relations. This is done by it through its attempts to keep the exercise of the power of the state away from misuse and authoritarianism as well as through its activities for serving the larger interests of the people.

Thus, Civil Society is different from both society and state. Yet the three are highly related, fully integrated and essential to each other. In a developed and healthy democratic system the three work as highly related structures each one working in a positive, healthy and mutually beneficial manner. The State and Society both need the Civil Society. Civil Society works in the society and with the state but in an autonomous manner. Civil Society is neither opposed to state nor interferes with the state.

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It acts as a helping non-governmental hand for securing progress and development of all the people of society. It works for the protection of the rights of the people and the rule of law. Civil society functions to keep the government representative responsible, transparent and accountable. It seeks to build and project healthy and clear public opinion on all social and economic issues, policies and problems. It serves as a link between the people and the government.