With regard to the South Africa and Namibia, the Council has called upon the states to implement the principle contained in the universal declaration of Human right. As the members of secretariat has observed, in these council “treated respect for basic provision of universal declaration as legal obligation of state as well as of their nation”. Non-Governmental Organisation (NGOs have been creative and energetic in keeping the pressure on states to acknowledge and implement Human right standards through their foreign policy. The UN records on Human rights is different in 1990 from earlier days is the activity of non­governmental international commission of Jurists, International league of Human rights implementation the Human rights norms NGOs information that stated various organs of UN interesting in treatment of Human rights violation in equatorial Guinea in 1970. Confidential NGOs pressure broadened the Human rights sub-commission focus beyond South Africa and Israel NGOs forced the implementation of Human rights NGOs work for the growing problems of torture. NGOs reports are openly used by the committee of experts under the racial discrimination convention.

In Human rights committee it is now acknowledged the member can informally use NGOs reports as a basis of questioning the accuracy of state reports. Amnesty International is one of NGOs group as these NGO played an important role for protection of Human rights. Both NGOs and ECOSOC did work for Human rights.

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NGOs on Human rights have been denied the consultative status with ECOSOC that give official to speak in meeting and circulate documents. NGOs activity is essential for continued the efforts at protecting Human rights.