Developmental exercises, rhythmic activities and walking should be included in the physical education programmes. For the primary class students, easy exercises should be used while for senior level students, difficult exercises can be used. It is not easy task for small children to participate in tough activities. In the preparatory schools, education should be imparted with the help of various activities.

Only those activities, which can be organised without any set rules and regulations and which do not require much hard work by participants should be employed in this level. Gradually with the increase in age and standard of students, difficulty of activities should be increased. With increase in age, interest and abilities of students get improved or changed. For the students in pre-adolescence age, simple activities should be employed, which can bring an increase in their physical and mental strengths. It should be understand that at this stage, students try to imitate their elders for which reason they should be taught higher levels of games and sports. Various exercises should be practised by these students to retain or master the knowledge they have gained earlier.

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It is only in this age group that students desire to specialize in any particular field. In the course of physical education, technique of doing the skills perfectly should be included. Physical Education programmes should be constructed on the basis of certain fundamental principles, which are as follows:- a.

Physical and mental capacities of people or students for whom programmes are being formulated should be kept in mind. One should not over­emphasized the fact that what the students are able to do and what they are not. If this aspect is ignored, no programme of physical education can be used successfully.

b. Traditions sports should be given an important place in the programmes. Sports which are being originated in our own country should be included in the programme to a larger extent. c. Those activities should be selected for the children which can arouse a feeling of personal importance and pride.

d. There are certain activities should help in developing the students mentally. By participating in them, students become mentally alert. This kind of activities should be provided proper place in the programme of physical education. e. While preparing the physical education programme, financial condition of the school or institutions should be taken into account.

If the funds are inadequate to meet the needs as mentioned by the programme, it will not be possible to use the programme or policy successfully. f. Programme should be designed in such a way that all the students of different capabilities and different choice get benefits from it. g.

Such kind of incentives should be provided to the students that they become encouraged to participate in the various kinds of sport activities.