To advise the government in various issues relating to physical education, a board, named Central Advisory Board was being set up in the year 1950. To provide training to athletes in various games and sports, some special kinds of schemes were being introduced by government of India. The problem which was faced during this period was the lack of professional qualified physical educators. For this reason, it was not an easy task to encourage people or individuals to take part in the sport activities.

Government of India established certain institutions which were set-up especially to provide training of various physical activities. In these institutions, bachelor degree and master’s degree can be obtained in games and sports. In order to promote physical education in throughout the country, Sports and Youth Welfare Department was set up in the year 1958 by Ministry of Education. After that, various seminars relating to various aspects of physical education were being organised. Experts were invited to attend such seminars and in this way, people were provided the support or were being encouraged towards various physical activities. In our country, it was realized by the government that people of our country did not lack in natural qualities, but they did not get proper opportunities to show their talents.

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To provide all the individuals equal opportunities to show their talents, Sports Talent Search Scholarship scheme was introduced by government of India in the year 1970-71. National and state level scholarships were being provided to the participants of this scheme. To encourage women to participate in various sport activities, National Sports Championship for women was launched in the year 1975 by government of India. To encourage college students to participate in various sports events, University Grants Commission launched another scheme, the aim of which was to improve the standard of sports at university level.