Dear XYZ,

Hope this mail finds you well. I am writing to brief you
regarding the role of Outreach Manager in the Fellowship Recruitment team at Teach
for India. Before I brief you on the role let me also give you a glimpse into
the world and objectives of Teach For India.

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The Indian Higher Education system witnesses a pass rate of
a mere 24 students for every 100 students enrolled. Half of the students in the
5th Grade are unable to read the text book meant for a student in
the 2nd Grade. There is a dearth of manpower at all levels of our
educations system who need to work together in 
order to be able to bring up the quality of education and schools in our

Teach For India’s quest is to fill this gap of leadership
and provide a brilliant education to ALL. To achieve this, Teach For India aims to build a
community of leaders and has devised a two-part theory of change to implement
the same.

The Fellowship
program is the platform used by teach For India to provide opportunities to
serve as teachers to students in the country’s under-resourced schools in the
low income communities. Through a rigorous selection process, the most promising
and brightest candidates from the best workplaces and universities are
shortlisted as Fellows.

In the
long-term, to advocate for change, we engage our Alumni to support this growing
community. Being in diverse roles within the education sector, Our Alumni
support the education sector and the ecosystem surrounding by working as
education policy researchers, curriculum designers, school principals, teacher
trainers and teachers.

As you can see,
the Fellowship Program is the platform used by us to create our Alumni base and
the it’s the job of the recruitment tem to attract the brightest leaders from
across the country into our classrooms to have a sustained and multiplied
impact on Education. The Recruitment team builds partnerships with various
institutions and corporates to influence and attract talent.

In the
Fellowship Recruitment team, the Outreach Manager has 3 main responsibilities.