“Days of Wine and Roses”The film “Days of Wine and Roses” is about a young man, Joe Clay, and a young woman, Kirsten Arnesen. Joe and Kirsten fall in love, and Joe introduces Kirsten to alcoholic beverages. Joe has a previous history of alcohol problems.

Joe and Kirsten have a baby girl, Debbie, soon after their marriage. Trouble in their jobs and everyday lives follow Joe and Kirsten as long as they have an addiction to alcohol. Joe joins Alcoholics Anonymous and becomes sober. Kirsten leaves Joe and Debbie and continues her struggle with alcoholism. “Days of Wine and Roses” is a realistic story of alcoholism.The film addresses real-life issues that alcoholics face.

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With alcoholism come financial problems due to over-spending on alcoholic beverages. Alcoholism causes problems such as lack of skills to perform daily tasks and to work at a job, which Joe and Kirsten encounter. Joe and Kirsten are not raising Debbie in an appropriate manner, or to the best of their abilities. However, many children, such as Debbie, suffer due to their parents’ irresponsibility and alcoholism. At the end of the film, Joe is sober and caring for Debbie. Kirsten is having difficulty recovering, and is not returning home. Just as in real-life, some people find the will and the strength to recover, whereas others do not put effort into the battle, or have a more difficult struggle. “Days of Wine and Roses” convinces viewers not to drink heavily.

The startling examples and experiences shown in the film shows the dangers involved with addictions. Addictions are difficult to overcome. With the proper care, support, and help, addicts do have a chance of recovery. The addict has to have a desire to escape from the addiction, and with the guidance, the addict can pull through any situation.