At the same time, they should also be acquainted with the principal industries and economic system of their people. The students should be duly encouraged to understand the problem of equality of the various groups in the country. The problem should be well discussed in the classroom also in order to remove any misconception from the minds of the students.

They should be clearly told that it is altogether wrong to think of superiority or inferiority of a particular group on the basis of race, caste, colour, creed, sex, wealth and poverty. The consent of study must include something which may remove wrong conceptions about such matters. The students should also be told about the importance and role of religion in one’s life. We may study the problem of minority group on the basis of three questions which are:- (1) What are the various racial and religious groups in the society? (2) What are the expectations of the people of the minority groups? (3) What may be done for the fulfillment of these expectations? The students should be encouraged for finding out answers to these questions. Such materials should be placed before them for study which may acquaint them with all these things. The students should also be encouraged to investigate into the ways in which the minority group may contribute to the development of national culture.

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They should also try to ponder over the benefits that the nation may have by behaving with the people of minority groups with due sympathy and feelings of brotherhood. The knowledge about all these things will develop kind feeling about the minority group and the purpose of inter-group education will be achieved. So we have to organize the curriculum for inter-group education by keeping the above things in view.