b. Therapeutic knowledge and product information is given to inculcate medical approach in it. c. Objection handling skills, situational detailing of product and selling skills are a major part of training skill development program, d.

Developing interpersonal communication skills and competition analysis skills is an integral part of training program. Above all the most important objective of the training program is to inculcate work culture, to satisfy our prospective customer, communicating right message to the doctor, shoulder­ing role and responsibility and aiming towards high achievement. Beside this classroom-training program Medical Representative has to undergo thorough on the job training i.e.

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induction program includes working under the through guidance of his superiors that inculcate the selling skills in it. Few local pharmaceutical firms use to practice very short duration training program that in- turn has very less impact to build therapeutic as well as marketing knowledge. So for them employee turnover is very high as employee also deserve a right training in his carrier path. Therefore training and induction is an integral part of pharmaceutical marketing in India. Another sole objective of the training program is to make aware medical representative its role and responsibilities. The Pharmaceutical Company expect the role and responsibility of a Medical Representative as to achieve the sale of given territory unit wise, value wise and product wise month by month.

As Medical Representative is bridge of communication messenger i.e. product promotion from manufacturer to a practicing physician and also to provides a market feedback support system to the company for time to time up gradation of marketing strategies.