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Did you know there’s an official Taxteaparty.com community on Reddit? Instead of emailing me, you should post here if:

  • You have a question or would like to ask for advice
  • You want to request a topic for a future video (you’ll find an official Topic Request thread near the top of the community)
  • You want to join an awesome community of other students and educators

You’re FAR more likely to get an answer to your question in the community – my email is crazy and I’m trying my best to keep it limited to communication for work. I answer questions in the community when I can, and you’re likely to get great answers from other students as well!

Curious About Me, My Background, or This Website?

I’ve compiled the answers to many of these frequently asked questions on the aptly titled.

Do You Run a Company That Helps Students?

If you run or represent a company that can benefit students, feel free to get in touch to ask about sponsorship opportunities. Here are a few details to know up front:

  • I currently offer sponsored slots on videos and podcast episodes; I don’t offer sponsored posts, email newsletters, or links.
  • I’m very selective and I take my audience’s trust incredibly seriously. Any sponsorship I accept must be something that is relevant to my audience (primarily college and high school students), useful, and affordable.
  • Every piece of content I create must be helpful to my audience on its own, separate of the sponsorship. For this reason, I don’t create videos entirely dedicated to a sponsored product or service.