The life of the great teacher and philosopher of China,Confucius was hard for him because his father died when he was only three and he lived with his father’s second wife.

He was born 551 B.C. and died 479 B.C.When he was alive he wasa great influence on China and it’s ways of life.

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He was born into a noble famliy and was noble to everyone who asked for something of him and it was either teaching or a task he would do it if it was right.When Confucius was born he had another name,his real name was Chung-ni.He was married at the age of 19 and had one son and two daughters and his mother died at 527 B.C.Confucius in his late life,saidAt,15 I set my heart on learning.At 30,I was firmly established.

At 40 I had no more doubts.At 50 I knew the will of Heaven.At 60 I was ready to listen to it.At 70,I could follow my heart’s desire without transgressing what is right.When Confucius grew he was at a unusual height and people called him long fellow.

Confucius had at least 3,000 pupils and 72 of them mastered the 6 arts – rituals,music ,archery,charioteering,literature and mathematics. People used to think he was a superior man of wisdom.He also urged a system of morality and statecraft that would preserve peace and provide people with stable and just governments.Philosophy