A short course in windows 981.The physical components of a computer system are referred to as its hardware.2.A computers main circuit board is called its mother board.3.One byte of memory consists of eight bits.4.

One kilobyte is equal to 1,024 bytes.5.Some examples of mass storage devices are floppy disk drives, hard disk drives, and CD-Rom drives.6.Of the various types of printers, the highest quality output is produced by a laser printer.7.True: computer components housed outside the system unit are called peripherals.8.

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True: A bit can be represented by a 0 or a 1.9.False: The contents of a computers ROM are lost when the power is turned off.10.True: Floppy disk drives access data more slowly than hard disk drives.11.False: CD-ROM drive can be used for backup purposes.

12.False: Computer keyboards contain fewer keys than a standard typewriter.13.

True: Inexpensive laser printers are especially good at producing color output.15. The computers central processing unit:- Processes program instructions- performs arithmetic and logical operations- Controls the other components of the computer16.

Input device: Keyboard17. One advantage of a floppy disk over a hard disk is that it can be used to transfer data between computers.18. Software is divided into two broad categories Application software and system software.19.

the master control program that oversees the computers operations is called its operating system.20. The generic name for the operating system used by virtually all IBM-Compatible computers before the advent of Windows 95 is DOS.21. Windows make use of a GUI, which stands for graphical user interface.

22. True: Computer programs are also known as software.23. False: Most computer users find it easier to use a command line interface than a graphical user interface.24.

True: One of the advantages of windows over DOS is the speed with which it runs applications25. True: Unlike 3.1, windows 95/98 is a true operating system.26.

The computers operating system is an example of system software.27. One advantage of DOS over windows is that it requires less powerful hardware.

28. Windows 98 can run most programs that were written for DOS and windows 3.1Words/ Pages : 337 / 24