Class Name and Section:                                    ISEM-501-50Student Name:                                                    Chetan GoudVuyyalaDate:                                                                      01/22/2018Assignment:                                                         Essay 1 –Current Topic in ITBigTech Trends to follow at CES 2018Executive Summary                      ConsumerElectronic Show (CES) is a yearly trade show which introduces moderntechnologies and products to the tech world. This year at CES convention, automatedproducts are lined up to get introduced to the consumers. ArtificialIntelligence is the key factor that enables the innovation of such kind oftechnologies. Unlike earlier years, this time there are lot of smartertechnologies being introduced at CES.

Future would be a place with much interactivevirtual/voice assistants, Smart Cities and driverless cars with an enhancedbandwidth of next generation wireless technology 1. IntroductionWhat is A.I?A.I is embedding Software, Complex algorithms andtechnologies that fuel machines to make decisions like human. A.I is startingto have heavy impact on human lives and civilization. Currently, with anincreased hardware technologies there are few A.I algorithms that proved to be efficientthan man power.

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With the advancement of technologies we could see one day A.Ialgorithms will be gaining superhuman intelligence. With this being said,alongside of lot of advantages A.I provide, there is minute chance of risk involvedin its usage. Voice AssistantsFirstly, coming to Voice assistants, which are the center ofattraction at CES convention this year. Amazon was one of the first companiesto introduce smarter A.

I devices like Echo, Alexa. These devices have A.Iagents which communicate with human through voice commands. It was a majorsuccess and currently many companies are partnering with amazon to enable theirappliances through Alexa. In my experience, I have been using Google home andecho which work on my voice commands. These virtual assistants learn about ourinterests and give the related suggestions when we ask them.

I felt likeinteracting with a person and in my opinion this has been a great innovation inrecent years, all thanks to A.I. 2Smart Cities                      We have beenexperiencing smart homes with appliances interacting with each other on aninternet based connectivity. At CES this year, majority of companies came witha zeal to take this smarter technology to the next level, connecting citiesover a higher bandwidth internet connection. Firstly, for a smarter city, A.Iagents need to collect and process huge amount of data. By 2020, NVIDIA isplanning to deploy 1 billion cameras with A.

I agents installed in them tocapture images and videos of the cities, tracking the flow of traffic and pedestrians.This will help in finding free parking spaces in urban areas, thus reducing thetraffic of people searching for parking spots in crowded downtown 3.                      A.

Iis not only being used for improving commute, but also for making the citiessecure and safer by protecting people from crime. The A.I agents installed inthe street lights across the city, alerts the police when there are gunshots.These A.I agents can also give a signal of possible natural calamities.

 A.I is also getting bigger in health sector, thereare bots which are deriving a huge amount of observational data from healthypeople. By comparing the data from healthy people to the people in bad healthconditions, the disease is known. “A year spent inartificial intelligence is enough to make one believe in God.” —Alan Perlis 5Smarter Cars                      Tesla is the firstcompany to come with an idea of driverless cars, to reduce the risk ofaccidents. At CES, lot of car companies came up with their progress inimproving A.I technology in cars. In near future, A.

I can enable vehicle tovehicle communication, thus increasing the safety of drivers. Smart highways,driverless cars, sensor based traffic lights and parking garages fall togetherin making people go around with a greater safety and efficiency.  Next-GenerationWireless Technology                      For all the above tobecome successful in implementation, A.I technology would require higher bandwidth                      internet connection.5G wireless Technology would provide a strong basement for enhancement of A.Itechnology to produce efficient connectivity all around. “The key toartificial intelligence has always been the representation.

” —Jeff Hawkins 5Conclusion                Inmy opinion, according to diffusion of innovations theory, every innovation goesthrough five different stages, namely Innovators, early adopters, early majority,late majority and laggards 4. I feel we are the early adopters of ArtificialIntelligence. For example, it took Apple ten years to reach the current latemajority stage, where we could see at least 9 people out of 10 know about an iPhonenow. In the near future, we could see A.I bringing every sector together for amuch efficient living of an individual. This being said, there could be possiblerisk involved in the wide-spread of A.I.