Cirilo Bautista’s love for words is unconditional because he would read anything that he could even the unimportant ones. As a child who grew up that expose in filled with literature, his word will bear of thoughts, perspective, and beliefs. In this poem, it presents the reality and similarities between what appeared using the Physics and Mathematical terms.

Some words used also the geometrical theories presented the reason why a man’s own life taking incidental or intentionally, as manifested in parenthesis quotations all throughout the poem. Bautista came from poor and educated parents. It means that he actually encountered a poverty situation. He wants to go beyond what life is so I think it starts his desire to write “A man falls to his death” which illustrates and explains life. In his poem, it has related to his background a man that working in a company who earn little. I discovered that the man’s life experience gives me attention that shows might actually happen to commit suicide by intentionally or unintentionally, there’s a lot of reason for this poem that we cannot understand immediately maybe because Cirillo wants that the readers must not focus on complicated meaning but in reality implied, because everyone only seeing the end but not actually seeing the means.

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Like in President Marcos’ period, some people focus on the complicated things that occur while disregarding the essential things that happened on that period. And in the present, according to him, presidents are not prioritizing about art here in the Philippines. And I think that Bautista relates this experience of him in the poem where complicated terms such as geometrical theories.While most students found Classical Literature uninteresting, the poetic spirit of Bautista enjoyed decoding the meaning of verbose works.This kind of experience and practice made him work on literary pieces that contain words which are difficult to understand.

But for him, it isn’t difficult to understand the classics or any other literature once you get their language.An example in this phrase, “He was on the noon shift forging the dream to a reality fine mean could slumber in” alignment of “dream” and “reality”. These two words used for contrasting and opposing in the same line, the words noon and mean besides them. I found out that the word “mean” implies middle and “noon” means mid-day I think it is the most important period of something. It’s probably pertaining to the climax or point of something happened. In the line of 18, “Mass, energy emits equal to zero” it means it has a free fall which motion of a body where gravitation is the only force pulling upon it. So, a man experiences weightlessness when he falls.

And in the last line of the poem, it is all about death the Individual’s final, complete extinction. We see that poem ends but not completely, which means it symbolizes extension, a conclusion still to come. It shows that it is now up to us to decide whether the man in the poem committed suicide intentionally or someone murdered indirectly.