Chromebooks are laptop devices that can flip into tablet mode. Many people use them for their job or school. I understand that many people enjoy their Chromebooks, but personally, I do not like having a Chromebook even though it is a great and necessary tool, especially in Dr.

Andrews’ class, there are some downsides to having one. Including, but not limited, to being unable to not being able to have things on the desktop and being unable to use Microsoft Word.One of these downsides is getting it taken away at 9:00 p.m, if I wanted to have it taken from me I honestly would not have gotten one in the first place.

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I already had a laptop where my parents would monitor what I was doing when I started and when I stopped. There is no point in having it when I can not use it for the time it is needed. Most of my well thought out work is done at 1 a.m, the only time there is silence in my household. I can not work when there are two screaming babies, three t.vs on, and kids running around the apartment, it’s personal I hate the fact that my house is easily one of the loudest. Late at night when everyone is asleep when the only thing I can hear is myself typing, that is when my best work is assembled, but to my luck, my parents take my electronics at 9 p.m.

, latest 10. We have to carry this computer back and forth every day. I fully understand that it is important to have it at school, but things happen, we could be running late or just forget it and if you do this you’re screwed. That’s just one problem with transporting it, another is the weight of the Chromebook; It doesn’t weigh much, but having it in the case makes it drastically heavier. This is a problem.

Personally, as an AVID student, I am expected to carry a big binder and notebooks as part of the requirements of the class. Now I leave my AVID binder at home and carry three notebooks, my agenda, and of course the Chromebook. My backpack is relatively small and not everything fits in it and even if it did, carrying too much weight can lead to the spine to unnaturally compress unnaturally which means back pain, muscle weakness amongst other things so that’s one. Doctor!!! Girl, I know you were once a student and obviously, you know a heavy backpack can cause you to lean forward, it is no wonder most students have terrible posture. We already sit hunched over for 6 hours every day, just to go home and be hunched over doing homework, and just to top it off we carry a backpack to school, around the school, and back home, that is if you aren’t like me and have to haul it to community service. I will not hurt myself if I can avoid it, people in my family suffer from chronic back pain from having too much weight on their back, and I will not do that to my body.

Which brings me to yet another downside, being liable for whatever happens to the Chromebook. January 8th, for example, it was raining as I walked to community service and back home and the whole time I was walking all I was doing was trying to cover my backpack to protect the computer, instead of myself. That is obviously a problem, I had to choose between getting sick or paying for a borrowed computer. The choice was simple, I do not have the money to pay a computer, being sick is an easy expense to pay whereas gathering 200 or more dollars is not even a question.  The fact of the matter is that if it would have been my own computer I would not care, I have insurance for water damage and such so rain would not be a problem whatsoever. Although Chromebooks are requisite to have in order for all students to be able to do their work, I personally could have done it with my other laptop.

With that laptop it was okay if it got wet, for a reason out of my control, I could do all the same things and I still got it taken away, but now the other laptop is just in storage, which is not necessarily a bad thing  just in case, but I paid for that. I won’t lie and say that Chromebooks are not useful, the fact is that they are a necessary tool for students at Pomona High School, we are all very appreciative and luck to have these indispensable tools, but in my opinion there are far too many downsides to having one.