Censorship is not invariably bad in education, comparatively, like when it stops an outbreak of stealing someone else’s work. A side from that a lot of American citizens will agree that schools should not allow censorship.

When an individual is in school there are indisputable things that this individual must know but with censorship in education it can hold the individual back from learning the truth thus causing the individual not to be prepared for real life. Censorship can severely affect an individual’s education by keeping them from learning indisputable things in school. For instance how are children supposed to apprehend why African Americans boycotted buses or marched for their rights if they cannot learn about how badly African Americans were treated by the community back then( in text citation). How can a person understand the Holocaust if that person does not comprehend the type of ability Hitler had during that catastrophe and what kind of feelings he had toward the Jews in Germany that caused most of them to wind up died. Censorship literally means stopping an epidemic of verbal communication or data that seems offensive. Most of the time it is the parent of the children who want censorship in schools because the parents do not agree with what the school is teaching their children or the parents  feel like they should be the ones to tell their children about that topic. Of course parents want what is best for their children but the parents do not seem to be able to apprehend that when they censor certain topics in schools it really harms their children’s education. Censorship in schools looks as if it to guarantee that children will grow up making the same exact decisions that go along with what their parents think is right by getting rid of additional alternatives.

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This may guarantee that those children will follow in their parents footsteps, but when the children mature and are introduced to additional alternatives it may cause a rancorous reaction.