1. He captured the throne by murdering the successors of Balban. Thus he was not only a usurper hut also a cruel assassinator; hence people hated him. 2.

Jalaluddin Firoz Khalji lacked nobility of birth. He was born to an ordinary family .and people believed that only a person of royal pedigree could be the ruler of Delhi. 3. People had to suffer a lot during the reign of the so-called slave dynasty and they were not prepared to make their position worse by making a new change.

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4. Balban had established peace and consolidated the Sultanate, and the nobles of Delhi believed that only the successors of Balban could be able to maintain it. They had no faith in the new change. 5. There were no cordial relations between the Khaljis and the Turks.

Hence, they had hatred for each other. The Turkish nobles and officers had become the greatest opponents of Jalaluddin. 6. Jalaluddin lacked all those virtues which were needed in a Sultan in the thirteenth century.

He was an old man. He was physically and mentally weak and did not have inspiration and enthusiasm of a valorous Sultan. 7. Jalaluddin was a benevolent and chicken-hearted Sultan.

He hated useless bloodshed and wars. The ambitious and haughty Amirs were dissatisfied with him and owing to his weakness he became quite unpopular among the Turks and Khaljis.