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The term HbA1c refers to glycosylated hemoglobin. It develops when hemoglobin, a protein found in red blood cells that carry oxygen throughout the body, binds to blood glucose and glycosylates. The analysis of the levels of glycosylated hemoglobin (HbA1c) provides evidence of the average blood glucose during the previous two or three months, the average […]

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Volatile organic compoundsVolatile organic compounds (VOCs) are chemicals that readily evaporateat room temperature, thus allowing the chemicals to be easily inhaled. Formaldehyde and artificial fragrances are two such sources that have aubiquitous presence in hospitals. A study of occupational exposure toartificial fragrances found that health care workers had the highest rate ofallergic sensitivity. The fragrances are […]

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Related work:Many application system are been createdand many research have been done to detect suspicious words messages, chat,profile, email spam, URL malicious web content also to detect phishing attacksin social media. The social approach to detect spam or malicious on Facebook,Twitter, Myspace was based on information found in social media by identifyingor detecting malicious URL […]

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nerally, Modern English period is said to have started in 1453 A.D. The East India Company set up in 1600 A.D, began to show its armed victories with the battle of Plassey in1757.  It resulted in the inevitable introduction of numerous East Indian words into English.  English has also borrowed words from Dutch, German, Russian, […]

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The status of English as the world’s mostpreferred lingua franca, it has become one of the crucial languages should bemastered in this global era. Writers support to this statement; (Zhiping & Pramasivan,2013),Efrizal (2012), (Yee & Abidin, 2014), (Leong & Ahmadi, 2017).  Nevertheless,mastering English is not an easy task (Alharbi, 2015). It needs a big effort […]

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REASONS for choosing the studyI was profoundly inspired by the Pulitzer Winner Book “The Price:The Epic Conquest for Oil, Money and Power” by Daniel Yergin which spoke about :In the Fortune 500 ranking published in 2008, six oil organisations were included which demonstrates the role of oil in modern capitalism,politics and worldwide influence.Oil since the beginning of time has been a commodity influencing […]

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Section AComputational Fluid Dynamics(CFD) is a software used of combination of physics and applied mathematics to visualize the flow of fluids (Kuzmin, 2017) . ItIn other words it analyses the fluid flow in qualitative or quantitative in some cases by mathematically modelling and numerical method through the software. Figure below shows the CFD simulation of […]

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When I was little I had no way to cope with anything.  Looking back at it now, if I had those horror stories in my life I would have understood many things and coped with life a lot better than I how did. “The Tell-Tale Heart” by Edgar Allan Poe is appropriate for 8th graders […]

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El “Gran Buda”, es una de las imágenes más icónicas de Ko Samui.  Situada en la punta noreste de la isla, esta enorme estatua de 12 metros de altura es visible a kilómetros de distancia y desprende un brillante resplandor dorado.Situado encima de una plataforma que lo eleva mucho más alto sobre el nivel del […]

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Imagine living in a country where freedom is preached night and day but being driven to constantly dread daily life and tolerate lesser advantages than those around you just because you are part of a minority group. Unfortunately, this was the typical life for anyone who was Black, Jewish, Catholic, or supported communism or socialism, […]