Caffeine is known as a stimulant drug that can be found in many drinks that we love today.

This stimulant drug can stay elevated in the system for hours or even longer after consumption. Stimulant drugs can usually be related back to means that increase the activity of the body and its energy, which is why caffeine is put into many energy drinks and supplements that athletes take to increase the output of their performance for long periods of time. The effects of caffeine have been researched and recorded over time to understand whether or not it is a positive effect or a negative effect on users. The effects of caffeine can be both negative or positive depending on how much is consumed, personal health, and other factors regarding its use, but it is ultimately a positive thing to use for athletes with no problem to personal health and regulate their intake of how much caffeine. Although caffeine can be used to increase performance, it does not benefit short term exercises that include intense training. Instead, caffeine is used more for endurance sports. One athlete, Piampiano, states, “As you get further into the marathon, your energy supplies are depleted and you just really start suffering; that’s why I start increasing the amount of caffeine I take. At the end of the marathon, you need that energy kick.

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” When you think about, caffeine doesn’t affect the hum an body immediately. It increases gradually to a certain point which is why caffeine benefits endurance activities. It also depends on how much caffeine the person takes before their activity or training that will help them. Too much caffeine can have a negative effect which is why it is important to know and measure how much you take.

The negative effects of caffeine on the human body can be higher alertness, rising blood pressure, insomnia, restlessness, etc. The long term after effects of having too much caffeine in your system can be very harmful as much as short term effects. It can be from something as common as high or low blood pressure to infertility in men and women, and according to the website, “,” that, “More than 4 cups of coffee linked to an early death.” This form of caffeine is a drink that many people all around the world enjoy every single morning and to give them a spike of energy when they’re feeling drowsy, and for something as simple as coffee could be so harmful in the long term is a surprise to many. It’s less about how caffeine is harmful but more about a person knowing how to restrict their daily coffee consumption and being able to enjoy their morning cup every time they wake up and not have to worry about having too few mornings ahead of them. Another way that large doses of caffeine can be harmful is not only in physical ways but in mental.

As the previous website states, “Caffeine consumption can lead to increased anxiety, depression, and the need for anxiety medication.” Although this is true, it has the same prevention methods as the last harmful effect, regulate the consumption of any caffeinated products and if consuming only use it during times when the bloodstream can handle such an intake. Many negative effects can be founded in the simple action of consuming too much caffeine and the preventions can be found in not consuming as much severe amounts.Caffeine also has its benefits.

These benefits range from stimulating hair growth in men and women to protecting people from Parkinson’s disease. Over 5.5 million Americans have alzheimer’s and drinking something with caffeine in it can be helpful in preventing this disease.

One person dies every minute due to skin cancer and drinking caffeine can lower the probability of getting it. Coffee decreases the risk of type 2 diabetes For athletes and anyone else, there are many things to consider if they are going to take caffeine before any physical activity. The most important thing is that you cannot drink anything with caffeine right before a game or exercise. Caffeine’s effects will not kick in immediately.