By remotely locking and unlocking a vehicle, there is no
need to have to wrestle with putting a key in the door unless the key fob is
lost or broken. If that happens, a replacement can be acquired very easily and
programmed to work with the vehicle as well as the original.


How do you clear a Chevy Impala key fob memory?

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Check the back of the fob and make sure it has FCC ID:
KOBLEAR1XT and Factory Part No: 10443537. Then follow these steps:


Turn off the radio and insert the key into the vehicle’s
ignition and turn to “ON” or “ACC.”

Use the Seek function until “FOB PROG” appears on
the screen

Use the radio’s “NEXT” and “PREV” until “BEGIN”
appears on the display so you know the sub-menu is opened.

Press “DISP” again. This means that the memory is
wiped and you’re ready to program the replacement.


How do you program a Chevy Impala replacement key fob?


With the car on without starting it, press “DISP”
on the vehicle’s radio until you see “PUSH FOB” on the display. Then,
press the lock and unlock on the keyless entry remote at the same time for 15
seconds. You will hear a notification sound that means remote programming is


How do you program key fobs for 2006 to 2013 Impalas?


Insert the key into the car like you are going to start it,
but stop at the “on” position. Then press the vehicle information
button next to the steering wheel or the odometer reset on models with no
information function. “Relearn remote key” should appear. From this
point, do the following:



  • Press the check mark next to the information
    function until you see the words “remote key learning active.” In
    vehicles without these buttons, hold “reset” for up to 3 seconds.

    Press the lock and unlock buttons simultaneously for up to
    15 seconds until the car makes a sound. This indicates the remote is
    successfully programmed.

    Press and hold the lock and unlock simultaneously for additional
    remotes that need programming.

    Turn the car off to exit programming and test the remotes.



    How does remote start work?


    Starting the vehicle from the key fob is a much different
    concept than putting the key in the ignition and starting it. Perform the
    following steps to start your Impala remotely:



    Press the lock button to lock the doors.

    Locate the top button with the rounded arrow, and hold the
    button down until the car starts.

    Press the button down again to turn the car off. The car
    will automatically shut off in ten minutes.