BritishCuisine For a long British cuisine has been categorizedas bad for its lack of imagination, starchy puddings, weak tea and poor food.Like anywhere else in the world, there is both good and bad food in London. Thedelusion of that British food is bad comes from a misconception ofstereotypical ideas or concepts not what British food actually is.

As the timeflies, most of the time thing get better, similarly, British Food and itssurrounding have been improved. In this article, we will look at why I considerBritish Cuisine is one of the best cuisines in the world with reference to thehistory of British Cuisine, how it has been improved over a period of time andmy personal opinion.  British Cuisine has always been based on theRoman in the ancient time, French in the medieval time, therefore making the Britishcuisine multicultural. As the British Empire is huge, it helped the cuisine toadapt different types of dishes and food cultures from all around the world.

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For example, adopted tea from China and adopted curry style spicing from India.These adaptations have the Brits to promoted different food types such as spicysauces such as mint sauce, Worcestershire sauce, ketchup etc… Many of theEnglish pastries and cake were linked with various religious days of the year.Like, Hot Cross Buns are eaten on Good Friday, Twelfth Night Cake for Epiphany,and Plum Pudding for Christmas. Sadly, a huge damage was done to the BritishCuisine during World War I and II.

As Britain is an island country, the foodsupplies became diminutive all through the world wars. Stews, pies, and breadfrom Britain have declined in interest in the world. The British cuisine lookedlike a joke when it adapted the French art of Nouvelle Cuisine. That’s when allthe bad happened to the British Food.  Now let’s see how British cuisine has improvedafter the two world wars.

British started to look differently from the late1980’s. After the disappointment with the Nouvelle cuisine, the chef started tolook at home for inspiration. Based on the lavish tradition and utilising many diverseand interesting ingredients, the heart of the modern British Cuisine hasformed. Brits have enjoyed a resurrection in popularity.

The traditional dishessuch as roast beef, Yorkshire pudding, Cornish pasties, and steak enduredpopular without changing the dishes. The use of vegetables and salad oil havereplaced the use of butter. The consumption of rice and pasta have resulted ina decrease in potato consumption and the consumption of the meat has fallentoo.  With chefs like Gordon Ramsay, London has anincredible record of award-winning restaurants. Now, let’s look at an interviewwith Gordon Ramsay about the British Cuisine.

What do you think aboutBritish Cuisine? And what is your favourite dish from the cuisine?I think that British Cuisine is good, it hadimproved from the late 20th century. My favourite part of the British cuisineis the British breakfast because it is the best breakfast it has the rightamount of calories and it is a great way to start the day.What do you think about thefuture of the British Cuisine?As the food industry is going through majorchanges because shifting of the major interest from organic food to geneticallymodified food. But, I think the British cuisine is going to improve and getricher similar to the UK. Based on this interview with Gordon Ramsay onBritish cuisine we can see that the responses are positive toward the Britishcuisine. Similarly, I feel that British cuisine is diverse and multiculturaland it has improved in a way that I personally like the food. As I am Indian,the British cuisine has a nice blend of spices and flavour.

I love the fish andchips and the cakes from the cuisine.