Vitamin A: It is a general health-giving vitamin and it increases resistance to infection and tones up the whole system. It ensures good appetite, promotes growth and makes for long life. Its deficiency causes night blindness, disorders of skin, stomach growth and respiratory diseases. Found in milk, butter, egg yolk, ghee, carrot, tomatoes, fresh leafy and yellow vegetables, fresh fruits and cod liver oil. Vitamin B: Present in cereals, peas and beans.

Protects the body from nerve diseases such as beri-beri, pellagra, and it cures pernicious anaemia, degeneration of sex glands and enlargement of liver and adrenals. Vitamin C: Ensures healthy teeth, bones, and protects the body against scurvy. Present in fresh vegetables, orange, lemon, lettuce, tomato, cabbage, turnip. Vitamin D: Present in milk, butter, ghee, cod liver oil, yolk of eggs, and it is also produced under the skin by rays of the sun. Promotes bone formation and prevents rickets.

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Vitamin E: It has vital influence on organs of production. Its absence causes sterility. It is present in germinating wheat. Vitamin K: Found in fish, oats and wheat.

It helps in coagulation of blood.

Protective Foods:

Those foods which give us protection against certain diseases, such as fruits, leafy vegetables, milk, butter, tomato, etc.