We do not have world-class cattle sheds and automatic milching stations.

The cows and buffaloes are reared in conditions of total filth amid stagnant pools of water, cow-dung and sometimes even carcasses. The dairies unions developed by the State Governments have succeeded in stalling deteriorating image. The credit goes to the Aniul, Verka, Anik, Vita and similar cooperatives elsewhere in the country. The important breeds of cows are Holstein, Jersey, Swiss Brown, Gurnsey and Ayreshire. India also has a sizeable sheep population, roughly 5% of the world’s stock. Most of the Indian sheep’s are of poor quality yielding inferior wool in less quantity. Good varieties of sheep are to be found in the higher altitudes and provide the local population with much needed economic sustenance.

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Bharat Merino is a fine wool sheep breed produced indigenously by cross-breeding. The imported and the indigenous variety produce an average of about 4 kilograms fleece per year; wool is of fine apparel quality and also the mutton is of excellent quality.