Bored with your routinemundane hairstyles? Is your hair missing that trendy looks? Then its high timeyou should give a new look to your hair with the best hairstylists in Hyderabad.They are the best because they know how to twirl and twist your hair to giveyour face the much needed fresh look. Here we go with the top Hyderabad hairstylists…..Rabita’s Secrets: Trendy, naughty, sexy, mafia, sassy, chic or classic—pick yourstyle they will cut it for you however, we suggest you just give your head andleave the rest for them to decide which style suits the best. It’s a unisexsaloon and Rabita has under her belt the experience of working at India’spremier saloons such as Taj Deccan and trust her scissors have gone through notablepersonalities. Da Salon: Dev More started his hair styling career 10years ago. Before opening up Da Salon he was the Ex-creative director of hair& makeup at B Blunt and the man behind many beautiful faces in the city.

Hiswarm personality, skilled hands and experience will definitely give your hair abetter look than before. Feel like trying your style with him…you can try @ Da Salon located at Rd Number 82, Film Nagar. Manea: All the fashion hunks in Hyderabad know that Manea is theirfashion hub and that’s why they regularly walk in there to get trendy hairstyleand aweee looks. The state-of-the-art hairstyling tools and latest equipmentthere definitely will make you look 10 years younger.

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The stylists there knowwhat is best for you and what goes well for different occasions. Lucas Academy & Salon:  Lucas Chinappa left his lucrative corporate job to be what he isnow- A WELL-KNOWN HAIRSTYLIST. His saloon is always buzzing and is on the runevery day with more than 100 clients a day clustered to have the besthairstyle.

He is a miracles man at giving great looks. You not only get goodlooks but also get to know the hair styling and hair maintenance tips. If youare there don’t forget to try color corrector, a new exclusive technique ofLucas for a shiny and rich hair color.Kiran Varma’s Beauty Salon: Kiran Varma is always an envy for men and the reason for this is….hispopularity with women.

His hair styling is wanted by women. Funny, clever, andincredibly talented with scissors he can give the chic or classy look for anywomen. Clean tools, experienced beauticians and a perfect ambience is an addedbonus for this styling spot.  Well, you also havesome other notable ones’ in this city such as De Vogue, Naturals, Jawed Habiband many more where you can kick off your age-old pony looks and get a sassy look.