Bioterrorism is murder to a whole population using chemical weapons that with toxic gases that can poison or suffocate a whole entire population.  Bioengineering has many good principles to it as it can be used for medical imagery devices, portable disease diagnostic devices, and tissue engineered organs. Bioengineering has it bad side to it though, it can also be used as a weapon and a very powerful one.

Governments can use bioengineering to produce mass-destruction weapons such as chemical weapons. Not only that but it can be used to make stealth viruses which is another type of bioengineered weapons.”Stealth viruses are viral infections that can remain asleep in someone’s body for a certain amount of time as programmed to, and then activate itself and attack the victim.”   Let’s move on to the good, bioengineering can be used to produce tissue engineered organs as I stated previously.

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It will soon be easy as just replacing the organ with a brand new one. “Photopolymerzizing hydrogels are very useful because they only harden when light is applied. ” Elleseff says. hips and broken bones will be much efficient and faster to heal and just those limbs but many others.

Photopolymerzizing hydrogels can be simply drained into the broken limb area and when shined with a bright light it will create an artificial limb, of course it will need a mold to do so but that’s how simple it could be if we keep advancing our bioengineered technologies.A study being conducted as we speak will be allowing doctors and neurosurgeons allow paralyzed patients to move their hands and feet. This was recently started by the University of Miami Miller school of Medicine named their project the “Miami Project” They have been working on a treatment of spinal injuries that have caused paralysis since 1985.  “They have used bioengineering to do Cell Transplantation which is a therapy used by neurologists that could provide potential benefit by replacing lost neurons, promoting regenerations of existing neurons, and filling in the spinal cord cavity to minimize further damage and inflammation. ”    http://www.themiamiproject.

org/about-us/, making a decision on what type of side I should pick is rather complicated.Improving our military can be useful in rather deadly instances, but to think of using chemical weapons to destroy our enemy can be really messed up to see them choke or suffocate would be really just wrong. We already have nuclear weapons and that’s already extremely deadly.

Improving our agriculture’s technology by cloning a vegetable or making artificial limbs with bioengineered tissue would groundbreaking. So if I had to pick a side, it would be using bioengineering for a great cause. Making medical devices to diagnose diseases right before they attack by reading the person’s genes that might’ve been transferred by your generation would just be incredible and that’s what I want to see bioengineers create. We could also find new ways on how to make more energy much more efficiently instead of hydroelectricity or solar power by using bioengineering to engineer bacteria that can reproduce and keep reproducing on itself which then can transfer energy to a system that can send out electricity to our homes. Finding new ways on how to improve on past ideas that might not seem that much useful in the future is needed. Solar power can work yeah but it’s not efficient enough for everyone to install on their own very own homes. During huge storms where the sun isn’t showing could also affect many homes.

I am very interested into this subject and wish to keep researching it and maybe studying  this in the future hopefully.    – Matthew Scott Hernandez                                                                         YCHS STEMM Middle College