Similarly, the flighty, hyper-active, restless, discontented young person is inwardly ill at ease, but there are great individual differences. If the teacher under­stands these individual differences then he can adjust and modify his teaching methods. There are a number of theories as to why human beings should play at all, at any stage.

Some theories have been popular in years gone by, and some are popular now. Perhaps none gives a really adequate explanation. Play contributes a great deal in the development of character among children.

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Play and interest have a great role in the education of the children. For the devel­opment of a balanced personality of the child, the first requisite is the emotional growth. Emotional growth has been discussed in chapter five. Man is a social animal. His development depends to a great extent on the social atmosphere in which he lives.

Proper social adjustment of an individual is very crucial in his success in life. Social growth has been discussed in chapter sixth. While as physical growth, emotional and social growths are the necessary ingredients of a child’s personality, intellectual growth is the most important. This has been discussed in chapter seven. Apart from the above areas of a child’s growth, the growth in attitudes and behaviour is equally an important area of study which has been discussed in chapter eight. Growth of language is the most important factor in intellec­tual and social development of the personality of a child.

It is the language which builds a social group with one other. This has been discussed in chapter nine. Most important facets have been discussed which are con­nected with child psychology. A good teacher should have the idea of the process of development of the child’s personality. Most of the research in this field has been done in Europe and America and as such most of the concepts are foreign.

But since child nature is everywhere more or less the same it can be of immense help to the pupil teachers and the working teachers and the school psychologist which are really rare in India.