Basketball players should be paid, but the payment is more of a compensation; they should recieve at least a little money to provide for their needs and accomplishments. Law professors discover “an athletics scholarship amounts to compensation” and those funds are important to the players because they contribute to “food and shelter as well as schooling” (Cooper 14). In this case, a compensaton would be the money received by an employee from an employer as a salary or wages. Not only do they deserve these compensations, but they need them to help with their college life as they play sports and do school work at the same time (Cooper 14).  Robert McCormick states, “The right of control is the biggest one” and this refers to the coaches that own control over their athletes (Cooper 14). For instance, these coaches that have such power and control concerning the lives of the young players and toward the finish of the season or some of the time notwithstanding amid the season, they can state, ‘You’re let go’ whenever they please (Cooper 14).

There is way too much control on the players by the coaches and time a player spends improving their skills could be ruined at any time and then what (Cooper 14)? The whole reason for an athletic scholarship is to involve themselves in a sport. College basketball players are not mainly their for an education, but “they’re primarily there to win… basketball games and perform well” (Cooper 14). If individuals focus their energy onto a sport because it is their dream and desire above many other things, they are exemplifying a passion that deserves to be compensated (Cooper 15).

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Coaches replace falculty members for them and so they play the game in hopes of making it to the NBA (Cooper 15). Not every athlete even recieves a full on scholarship to play a sport in college. There are many reasons why a college basketball player deserves a compensation, but their are others that actually need the money as well.