Based on the question, there are two options available to Fred-Option 1: An In-house server: Microsoft Exchange ServerOption 2: Cloud-provider by outsourcing the company emailPros and cons of both options are listed below: In-house server using Microsoft Server Exchange:Microsoft Exchange Server provides access to the messaging platform to users. It provides a plethora of tools such as calendars, emails, and tasks. Features such as storage and security in the platform permit organizations to use the server by performing searches, archiving content, and executing compliance tasks.

Security in the Microsoft exchange server provides centralized control over message flow thereby protecting it from malware and spam. The mailbox search capability makes it easier to search the content of interest.Despite of the centralized control over message, the exchange server is not fully secured. It runs on Microsoft Windows server, which is susceptible to virus attacks. Secondary issue with the exchange server is the cost. We need to pay for each user with an account. Finally, Microsoft Exchange requires maintenance which means an IT team to solve its technical issues.

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 Cloud-based provider:A cloud-based provider offers a free service which can be used to decide whether the service suits the company’s needs. Cloud services are convenient and definitely economical.It also provides increased level of security, availability, and are highly reliable. Cloud services are also safe from any kind of hardware loss. Data is all maintained and loaded in the cloud server.

Hence, we can assume there is no data loss. However, there is high risk of exposure of sensitive data because organizations lack visibility into the security of their data. I understand that choosing the right email service can be a demanding task, but if we know which features we need, then it makes the process much simpler. Hence, it is crucial to think wisely and carefully evaluate all the factors before making a decision.

It is crucial for a small business to save money and by using cloud services DRUB can do that. After considering all the above-mentioned pros and cons of both the options. I would recommend cloud-based provider to Fred. Since DRUB is a broker firm they have access to sensitive data about their customers and cloud based provider could be the right fit for a small company as it can help DRUB save money and protect its sensitive information.