Atsome point in our lives, we experience getting so sick that we can’tget up at all to go to school or work.

Actually, if you search theinternet, it does look like it happens a lot to many people sincethere are numerous websites offering free templates for doctor’snotes. You’ll even find websites offering tips on how to fake doctorsnotes. You might be tempted to use a fake one if you missed school orwork without a valid reason, and especially if you know you’ll getpenalized at work for not being able to call in sick prior to beingabsent.

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You should keep in mind that faking a doctor’s note can havedire, and sometimes legal, consequences. Toput it simply, a doctor’s note is a statement or note from a doctorcertifying that you were indeed sick or suffering from a conditionthat prevented you from going to work or school. Typically, adoctor’s note is written on a prescription pad and contains thedoctor’s information, such as name, clinic address, and licensenumber. Keep in mind that a doctor’s note is considered a legaldocument.

Ifyou look at some of the fake doctor’s note templates available on theweb for free download, you’ll notice that the template usuallycontains blanks for the supposed patient’s name, gender, age, and thedate when the note was supposedly written. Then there will be a shortnote asking the addressee to excuse you for missing work or school oncertain days. It will then go on to say that you were suffering froman illness, usually fever or some sort of infection, and that youwere advised to rest for a certain number of days. Inshort, doctor’s notes are used as free passes, both at work and inschool. And it’s being abused a lot.

The debates going on aboutdoctor’s notes actually cover abuses from both sides – the employerrequiring medical information that may abuse the employee’s privacyand the employee basically committing forgery and sometimes, wagetheft. These are just some of the issues associated with the rampantuse of doctor’s notes. But before you go online and download a freefake doctor’s note template, be mindful of the consequences. At theleast, you can be disciplined or even charged in court for committingforgery. Findout first if you actually need one.

There are cities and states whichhave laws that say you don’t have to present a doctor’s note if youwere absent for being sick. In California, for example, under thePaid Sick Leave Law, if you have accrued sick leave, your employerdoes not need to ask why you are using your sick leave. The same lawalso says that if you had an unplanned absence, you only need toprovide notice to your employer as soon as practical.