Assessmentcentres are used for accessing aptitude and performance; applied to a group ofparticipants, the organisation then uses the information obtained to assessesapplicant abilities or development potential (, 2017).According to Lievens (2009), assessment centres are more successful than otherrecruitment and selection methods as they focus on the candidate’s actualbehaviour.

Lievens (2009) insists that candidates should be evaluated, bytrained assessors as this enables the like hood of success. With this said Woodruffe(1993) disagrees with Lievens as Woodruffe points out that human bias or humanunconsciousness as a potential flaw in assessment supporting thislanguage could be a barrier to certain applicant moving to the next stage.  Assessment CentresOnthe other hand, a CV is a short account of a potential employee career andqualifications prepared typically by an applicant for a job advertised. CVs canbe ineffective due to the freedom it gives the applicant to promote themselves,thereby some people could then highlight all their strengths and thus sayingvery little about their weakness. By promoting their strength a person couldcan employed but have very little to offer the organisation (Jenkins,1983).

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Further certain organisation prefer to use this method as it demonstratesthe ability of the applicant to martial their thoughts and put together a clearpiece of communication” (Roberts, 2005, p. 103). In regards to this Taylor disputes that this is not the best practise, as it enablesapplicants to contaminate their C.V.

Anapplication is a form or paper, which indicates interest in a particular placeof employment or position within a company. It consist of question theorganisations needs to be answered to ensure they make a judgment onapplicants. The drawback of this is that organisations can beoften seen to use the same application form for numerous different positionsavailable rather than creating an application form, which the questions willcritically evaluate the skills, competencies and knowledge required for theavailable position. One can think once recruitment staff goes through applicantapplications it will be easy to categorise them into two; the good and the bad,however this is not the case as an advertised job could prompt hundreds ofapplicants applying with different broad answers which they have no way ofcategorising (Parkhouse, 1984).Application Forms/ C.

V’sAninterview can be best describe as a formal meeting in which an applicant isasked questions to determine their suitability for a particular job theyapplied for (KAHN and BARBER, 1988). Interviewingcandidates cannot be a reliable source as the interviewer is there to measurethe human characteristics of the potential candidate, with this said eachinterviewer might interpret the information obtained in their own way. Withthis said research claims that 94 out of 1000, interviews respond honestly inconventional interviews (Armstrong, 2006). Roberts (2005) states that, there are two types of methods anorganisation could utilised: a structured form this focus’ on clearly definedquestions or using an unstructured form, which is effectively a chat or discussion,which could lead anywhere. With this said validity, studies such as thosequoted by Taylor produce equally dubious figures for conventional interviewsand indicates that assessment centres, psychometric tests and structuredinterviews are more accurate methods for recruitment selection (Armstrong, 2006).

InterviewsThe classic trio ofrecruitment methods used by most companies are an application form, one or twointerviews and references. Research indicated that to this present day when onelooks at most companies recruitment and selection methods the classic trio canbe seen in their selection methods (Al-Kassem, 2017).With this said other researcher onclassic trio concluded that this is no longer an appropriate method process toemploy talent when other methods are available (Davis, 2017).

·        References·        InterviewsClassic trio referred to one of the most favouredforms of recruitment and selection- an application form/C.V combined with at thefollowing:Classic TrioUtilisingjob analysis provides HR mangers with specific qualifications that help ensurethe best-suited applicant is selection for the required position, this is vitalas research indicated that half of hiring and HR managers estimate that badhires have cost their companies thousands of investment (Fatemi, 2017). Inregards to this HR manager must know what skills are required to perform the jobsuccessfully, without HR manager knowing exactly what is required, the wrongapplicant could easily get the job.Ajob specification is a detailed description of the role, including allresponsibilities, objectives, and requirements of the available position (Sloane,1992).Finally yet importantly, a job design is the deciding of a job’s keycontents, from the duties and responsibilities involved to the systems andprocedures followed by the person in that role (CIPD, 2017). ·        Equipment andtools necessary in order to successfully perform activities.·        Responsibilities·        Summary of thejob·        Location of thejob·        Job title Jobdescription is a document that describes the general tasks, or other related,and responsibilities of a position (Mader-Clark, 2013).

Jobanalysis refers to a detailed examination of a given job with the purpose ofunderstanding it features. Through it, the duties and responsibilities of theposition is defined. It has two components: job description and jobspecification.Job Analysis and DesignHumanresource planning is a set of procedures that an organisation can useidentifies current and future employee’s needs for the business toachieve its goals (Belcourt and McBey, n.d.).

 Once an organisation failsto plan and predict the number of employees they might need to recruit in thefuture, this puts the organisation at risk of under producing or over producingdue to the business being overstaffed or understaffed. This has been supportedby researches such as Mello stating that when an organisation has too manystaff it is more likely to experiences a loss of efficiency in operationbecause of unnecessary payroll costs and/or surplus production that cannot be sold(Mello., 2014). Once a business has successful completed the human planningstage here are the following steps, which will be used to access differentapplicants.Human Resource PlanningDueto the problems poor recruitment and selection could cause organisations, therehas been an improve within organisations in terms of investing more funds intoensuring their company implements the best recruitment and selection methodwhich will enable the organisation to be successful by getting in the rightstaff, in the right place (Sparrow, 2007).   Another aspect of recruitment andselection, which played a significant role, is internal and external methods ofrecruitment, both these methods are vital and will be beneficial fororganisation to use both when in search for new employees.

Regardlessof an organisation size, attracting a pool of applicants and recruiting thebest employees are both critical to the success of the organisation (EveningStandard, 2017). Further researches within the recruitment and selection fieldhas stated that putting wrong candidates into an available position just tohave the open position filled can cause short or long term consequences to theorganisation in regards to causing poor worker assurance; low profitability orproduction levels (Froschheiser and Chutkow, 2007).Researcherswho have studied recruitment and selection tend to agree on one thing, which isthat there is a difference between recruitment and selection.

In regards tothis Taylor (2008), Rees, and French (2010) Say that recruitment is a procedurewhereby an organisation puts out information about an available position to befilled in; thereby potentials candidates will submit their applications whichenables the organisation to generate a pool of potential employees to pickfrom. On the other hand selection involves utilising distinctive techniques toaccess different potential employees to enable the organisation to pick thebest suited for the available position given management goals and legalrequirements.Selection is the process of making a “hire” or “no hire” decisionregarding each applicant for a job. This process typically involves determiningthe characteristics required for effective job performance and then measuringapplicants on those characteristics, which are typically based on a jobanalysis (Gomez-Mejia, Balkin and Cardy, n.d.).Selection Recruitment is the process of generating a pool of qualified candidatesfor a particular job.

The firm must announce the job availability to the market(Gomez-Mejia, Balkinand Cardy, n.d.).RecruitmentLiteraturereview        Information on number ofworkers The Baptist MedicalCentre in Nalerigu is a respected mission hospital located in the NorthernRegion of Ghana.

It was founded through the joint efforts and vision of theGhanaian Baptist Convention (Gold Coast Baptist Conference) and theInternational Mission Board (Foreign Mission Board at that time) in1958. In 2014, the IMB handed the hospital over to the Ghana BaptistConvention who now manage and maintain it.Currentlythe BMC is a 123-bed hospital whose reputation brings people from as far southas Accra, as far east as Togo and Nigeria, and as far north as Burkina Faso andMali. Most recent yearly statistics are as follows: 60,000 outpatient visits,10,000 inpatients, 1,200 major operations, and 2,500-3,000 minor procedures.Over nearly 60 years, the medical centre has estimated that well over 3 millionpatients have visited the hospital and around 70 Baptist churches have beenbuilt in northern Ghana (Baptist Medical Centre, 2017).

 Research context The objectives of thisresearch is to investigate and evaluate the recruitment and selection processemployed …………… once this has be evaluated It will then look at the differentrecruitment and selection processes the ………….. could utilise to enable the organisationto recruit effectively , for exampleassessmentcentres, classic trio or work samples. Researchobjectives  Recruitment and selectionprocesses are important to all business whether the business is there to makeprofit or not. Research indicates that one of the most critical aspects of growing any business is employing theright people, get it right and your business’s growth trajectory is likely tocontinue or accelerate, on the other hand getting it wrong could lead to thedownfall of most organisations (Jordan, 2017). Theidea of recruitment or selection was just to fill an available position as soonas possible to enable the business to maintain its production levels.

Never theless Puttingthe wrong person in the wrong position just to fill the vacancy can have direconsequences to your organization in terms of poor employee morale, lowproductivity and lost opportunities (Froschheiser, Chutkow and Kemp, 2014). In regards to this themethods of how recruitment or selection of potential employees should be donehas changed massively, this is due to a high number of researchers, recommendingdifferent process or methods, which organisations could utilised for their ownadvantage. Introduction