As my interest in art extends to all aspects of the subject, I didn’t want to limit myself to just one pathway but instead have an extensive knowledge of a wide variety of media. This course will push my boundaries and put forth what I’m proficient of; which is truly exciting as it will give me the opportunity to explore the entirety of the art world. Following a conversation with a renowned Turkish artist (Ismet Degirmenci), I was convinced I wanted to fore take this course in the near future as his insight of the topic showed that the meaning of art differs from person to person. It is a way in which I can embody my innermost sincere emotions, communicating with the outside world. A manner to block pessimism, permitting yourself to submerge into a realm that only you can modify. I would say this sense of curiosity to further discover this creative world, is what conveyed me to study this course.

Living on a small island, the exposure to fine art is limited, so I have taken every opportunity to attend local exhibitions, making sure to talk with the artists in order to gain inspiration to implement onto my own work; as well as an insight of the rich culture we possess. Having the chance to travel; from seeing the Ottoman architecture, as well as many contemporary museums in Istanbul, allowed me to understand different cultural attributes. Visiting the Far East, to witness the preservation of cultural heritage in the Sultanate of Oman, as well as Paris, provided me with an understanding on how much art can vary between cultures, and I believe with this familiarity I can showcase it in my future work and bring a new acuity into the course.

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As an artist, it is vital to get your ideas across, so I have created a website, in which I show my work ranging to all sorts of mediums, in addition to other social media accounts, in order to put myself into the external spectrum. As I also love history, I thought it would be a wise idea to combine this as well as art, in order to learn the background about our precursors in the creative field. So, I’ve done an online course regarding abstract expressionism throughout the post-war era. It exhibited the methods of the artists, my favoured being; Jackson Pollock, using the style of ‘action painting’. I got inspired to do a large-scale painting for my A-level fine art course, as the artists from that era resonated close with my individual coursework. Doing large-scale paintings such as these really gives me an adrenaline rush and motivates me to produce more similar outcomes, as it increases my time-management skills, as well as heightening my initiative.Within school, I’m a well-attended and disciplined pupil.

I have been selected the position of a prefect, displaying I’m a mature individual, capable of working independently and in a team. I have joined a variety of events such as; consecutive years attending ‘Junior Achievement Cyprus’ (bi-communal event to increase entrepreneurship skills) and TFL Learning leadership course, which improved my communication and research skills, which will be helpful in the fine art course, as it will make my artwork richer, giving the pieces a stronger basis. Having played badminton for 8 years, made me develop into a strong individual who can undertake independent duties.

My curiosity extends beyond the classroom; I’m heavily involved within the art community on the island, as I have attended festivals in which I got to showcase my interest in the matter, also co-operating with many individuals who have been involved in art for years, giving me an insight into the current art world. This made me eager about my journey which will occur, as I want to explore the many pathways of art. Having studied Fine Art, I want to go on to further study this topic and become an independent artist. The community within art is one of positivity and acceptance, I believe I can further contribute to this society, due to my optimistic outlook and cultural experience.