As a final product of my personal project, I’m planning to make a booklet about the basic first aids.

To be more specific, I’m going to inform my target audience, the students who are between year 7 to year 10, about the simple first aids for the accidents that can easily happen in real life for anyone in the booklet. My purpose of it is to inform the readers so that they can handle the accidents wisely by helping others who are sick or hurt. To achieve my goal of this project, I have to be able to answer the following question: How can I introduce and explain first-aid to the students who do not know anything about it?My Global Context for this project is Identities and relationships. This is related to my purpose of this project because my purpose is to make people to help each other by first aids and helping others eventually is a part of human relationships, including families, friends, communities, and cultures. Besides this, my goal of the project is also related to the physical health which is part of the exploration of identities and relationships.

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This is because by doing first aid to others, people who are sick or hurt can be healed and get back physical health through it. This project is a highly challenging goal for me since it is my first time to make a booklet, and also the information I know about the first aid is very narrow. Even though I know some information from some books and several classes that I took in my previous school, I still have lots of things to learn about the content. Additionally, explaining requires more knowledge than just knowing it. Thus, my knowledge is quite sparse to make a booklet. Moreover, since English is not my first language, it will be challenging for me to explain everything in English.

Besides, lots of specialized terms are used in first aid. There will be lots of words that I already know in the first language but not in English. I had a few experiences related to the first aid and this made me become interested in it. I have two cousins who are doctors.

When I was young, I often heard their stories about the first aids. When I was in primary school, I learned little information through books and my cousins. When I got into middle school in Korea, I took several classes about the first aid since it was an obligation for all middle schools to teach students about it. However, after I moved and being in the international school, I didn’t have any chances to take those classes or get any information about it.

Using this chance, I would like to introduce some basic information about the first aids to the students. I hope my final product works well and could be able to inform lots of students.I don’t have any personal interest or related experiences about the booklet, but the only reason why I chose it as my final product is that I thought it is the best way to deliver simple knowledge about the first aid to the students. Since typical booklet doesn’t contain as much information as the book does, so 10 to 20 pages of the booklet will be easier for basic learners to read rather than thick books with lots of specialized terms which have more than 200 pages.