As teenagers going through puberty, little girls are taught to love their bodies and accept the mountains and curves God gave them.

Women understand that they do not look like the girls featured on Victoria Secret runways, billboards and, fashion magazines. The only way to be an acceptable women in this society is to be everything society tells you to be. The perfect models live a staged life of constantly weighing themselves and eating only foods their allowed, including plain salads and fruit. Their lack of a healthy diet and exercise program deteriorates the body, ruining the temple they work so hard to build. They starve themselves to fit into dresses that barely fit the average woman’s leg, and they usually battle eating disorders to try to fit into society’s “modeled” waist size.

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  If you comply with the following steps, you have a chance of becoming a perfect and ideal woman.The first step is to know is that a true woman looks perfect. This includes body, hair, and make-up.  Makeup is not an option. It’s an absolute must at all times. It must be worn at work, in public, and even at home to keep your man happy.

The usual amount of makeup consists of mascara, eyeliner, foundation, powder, bronzer, contour, and blush. Make sure you get the perfect shade of lipstick too! Remember that there is no such thing as natural beauty so do not hesitate to dye your hair until it opposes what you were born with. Make sure you look completely different! Why have a woman accept her body for what it is when she can stand in front of a mirror and pick at every single thing that a botched society does not find acceptable? Teaching little girls that weight defines who you are and is more important than  who you become. Teaching little girls to accept less than what they’re worth and to give more than what they have. Teaching little girls to hate their bodies, destroy their temples, just to meet the goal in the magazines.

This is what society expects, so this is what women need to be. The next thing is to downgrade your intelligence and wave goodbye to morals and values. Society is teaching girls that intelligence, morals, and values are less important than something as toxic as society’s expectations for women. People will like you more if they feel like they are smarter than you. Do things you would never think of doing, say things you would never think of saying, knock down barriers like morals and values that are blocking your way to becoming the perfect woman. Be pushy and arrogant. Make yourself the top priority. If you do this, people will finally notice you, and that is all that matters.

Lastly, a women should be taught from a young age that weight defines who you are and not settle for the body they are born with. A women should strive to live and look as a model does. This is done by a much needed lack of nutritious diet and a rigorous exercise regimen.

You need to destroy the temple, cake the makeup, and strive to be what society wants. You’re only worth how you look, your weight, and if you can fake a smile. Remember that if you want to be the perfect woman.