As our society steps into the future of computers and Information Technology, one can’t think about the future without thinking about Cloud Computing. Cloud Computing, some say, will be the future of computing with servers and how we use, store, and transfer data back and forth. Cloud Computing is such a huge thing to go over because it’s as big and endless as its name, “cloud.” Google has introduced us to this computing slowly in a way lots don’t think about with Gmail. So if you think about it, society has been exposed to it for a while now. But there’s far more to it than just Gmail, that’s just one part of a huge “cloud” that can handle tons of different things that we will try to discuss several more things cloud computing has to offer.     The ability to store all of your data to an invisible place in the sky on a cloud is a crazy thing to imagine and a very great time to believe also. This innovation helps with freeing up your phone to increase the boot up time and not having to update all that information.

Even the thought of a virus is a thing of the past because that will be examined at the site of the cloud instead of being on one’s phone. Also slowing it down with all the data that we used to have to keep on our phones to protect our phones. All this is being done right in the “cloud.

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” To use any of the cloud services all one needs is a connection to the Internet and a browser. The rest of everything else is stored in the cloud. So from Microsoft’s Outlook to Google’s Gmail and from micro SD cards that store images, music, and files to saving it all within the cloud and freeing up the phone. We can begin to see the benefits of Cloud Computing start to make its way into a stable place in our lives and the way we compute someday.      On the business side of things, cloud computing is opening doors for the professional world right now.

With the number of money gains that it gives businesses on the hardware and software side alone is in the millions. Google and other software companies are developing operating systems that are online rather than on your personal computer. The next advantage to cloud computing is that your data will be anywhere that you are and go wherever you want to go. This is such a comfort for a businessman or woman. This is such a convenient for anyone. If you have a system crash or your traveling or your computer is stolen, no need to worry cause your files will be safe and sound.      I think that the advantages of cloud computing far outweigh the disadvantages.

Our future in computing will be an exciting one. The inventions in the computing world have no limit.