Argumentative Essay 12/5/17Owen Leese The moon landing was faked. This is how we faked it, why we faked it, and most importantly evidence that we really did fake it. On July 20, 1969 the U.S. landed on the moon for the first time in history or did we? The United States was in the Cold War with the U.

S.S.R. In the late 1950’s the space race began. The U.

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S.S.R. was the first country to put a man in space, so the U.S. was desperate to get ahead somewhere and the next race was to get to the moon first. The U.

S.S.R. was leading by a lot because they were the first to put a man in space as well as putting the first man-made object in space. That object was a satellite. How did we catch up so fast. We didn’t we just made everyone else think we did.

The first piece of evidence that it was faked is in the astronaut’s visor you can see a human without a spacesuit on. He has black pants on and none of the astronauts wore black pants This is impossible or he would not have returned and all the astronauts returned. Another is the only photos are provided by NASA and these are the people that may have very well faked it. Another is the American flag is blowing but how would a flag be blowing in space where there is no air, therefore no wind.

Another piece of evidence is that three astronauts died in a fire while testing the parts for space. Well I don’t think so, don’t you think NASA would be more careful with there astronaut’s life. NASA really killed them because they were about to tell society that it is all faked. Another reason the moon landing was faked is because there are shadows from multiple angles and there is only one light source, the sun so how are there multiple shadows. NASA claims that those were just lights but why would you need more light when you have the sun? You can also see films for filming nothing wrong with that right? Well the moon is almost 300 degrees fahrenheit so these films would have melted, but they didn’t. Another reason is there is a rock that has the letter C on it. This C isn’t just a crazy looking C it is almost perfectly symmetrical ruling out nature had a role in this. Instead it is a prop for the filming studios.

When NASA went back to the moon why wouldn’t they take another picture of it to prove it really is just nature, but that is the only picture of it. When the impact crater landed there is no blaster module on the moon and if they had landed there would be. There would be a blaster module on the surface bust there is just lunar dust. With a rocket there needs to be firepower so there would be a mark, but there is no mark.

In one of the astronauts visors there is a strange reflection of something that there is no need for. This object looks like it is connected to a rope.  It looks like an overhead light, used in film studios. There are also no picture of the lunar module with something hanging from it that has the same look. Two pictures have the exact same backdrop.

So what same scene. NASA says themselves that these pictures were miles apart. In the camera’s cross hairs were implemented to help with scaling and direction. These are across tops of all the moon landing photos. In some of the pictures the cross hairs are behind objects. This shows that the photos were doctored with.