Area 51Introduction:Area 51 has been at the centerof the UFO existence controversy for many years. The government deniesits existence, but how do you explain Two-hundred forty-three or more whiteJeep Cherokees patrolling an area that does not exist? This and manyother factors are what contribute to the mystique of the place called Area51.Paragraph #1:Area 51 is located in thedesert on the south central quadrant sector basin side of Groom Dry Lake,approximately one-hundred miles north of Las Vegas, Nevada. The actualbase is located on a dried up lake, in the middle of a mountainous dessert.Paragraph #2:Area 51, also known a GroomDry Lake, is a secret military facility that the government will not discuss.

It is a highly restricted military base, many levels above top secret.The United States Government denies its existence despite evidence to thecontrary. The town of Rachel is within twenty miles of Area 51, and isa magnet for UFO enthusiasts worldwide. Area 51 has been in existence sinceWorld War one, and many advancements in military science and technologyhave been made and developed there. To breach the perimeter could resultin your death, because it is so top secret. It is reported that in orderto avoid spy plane and satellite reconnaissance, most activitiesand experiments have been conducted underground.

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It is the experimentsabove ground, mainly test flights, that help to perpetuate the UFO stories.(LeibyRichard p.a1) In early 1947, officials at the Roswell Army Air Field collectedthe remains of what they initially reported to be a wrecked “Flying Disc.

“That predd release was quickly revised to say it was only a weather baloon.But the lore grew to include tales of almond-eyed little gray men beingspirited away for autopsies and even interrogations.(Leiby Richard p.a1)Paragraph #3:One of the last outlooks legallyaccessible to civilians is Tikaboo Peak. From this vantage point Area 51is clearly visible with several unmarked buildings, a large runway, andplanes shuttling personnel in daily to this non-existent area.

Thearea is a six-by-ten mile block of land, at the center of which is a largeairbase.Paragraph #4:It is rumored by many highranking officials that Kennedy was assassinated by the military becausehe was about to reveal to the world the existence of aliens. Ex-presidentsJimmy Carter and Ronald Regan went public with their beliefs in extra terrestrials,even reporting seeing UFOs. They made no claim to have anymore informationon the subject then the average citizen.

The president will be the firstto admit that he is not privy to all information. The following is theofficial Pentagon statement on Area 51: “There are a variety of activities,some of which are classified throughout what is often called the Air Force’sNellis Range Complex. The range is used for the testing of technologies,systems, and training for operations critical to the effectiveness of U.S.Military forces, and the security of the United States. There is an operatinglocation near Groom Dry Lake. Some specific activities and operations conductedon the Nellis Range, both past and present, remain classified and cannotbe discussed.”Paragraph#5:Robert Lazar claims to haveworked in Area 51.

He says the military definitely is in possession ofalien spacecraft. He was commissioned as a scientist to back-engineer arecovered flying saucer. Robert claims that the propulsion system is basedon anti-gravity technology. Something far beyond our present human understanding.Since Robert Lazar came public with his story, he says the military istrying everything to discard him.

No record of Robert Lazars employmentwith the secret military base exists. An even more outlandish story comesfrom Bill Copper, a retired Naval intelligence officer. He says the militaryhas known about the existence of aliens for over forty years, andmany of them reside over area 51. He claims aliens are behind abductions,missing people, and cattle mutilations, as they are trying to geneticallyre-engineers themselves, so they can walk among us.

He claims the realreason the government does not disclose their existence, because it isthe extra terrestrials who are really in control and the military doesnot want to expose its importance. Maybe belief in extra terrestrials isreally belief in hope. There is nothing wrong in believing in hope. Area51 has been at the center of the UFO existence controversy for manyyears.