Anysystem will never be completed unless all parts are present. The same way withthe instructional process, it will never be called a “process” if it lacks onepart, and one of the major components of instructional process is assessment. Butwhat is this assessment that makes the instructional process complete?Assessment,from the word itself, it assess the overall part of the instructional processwhich is its main purpose. If we are going to compare it to a human, its roleis evaluator. It evaluates if the objectives have achieved, if the content isattainable, if the materials and activities are suited for the learners and themost importantly, its highlight – the students ‘progress and development.

If weare going to categorized it, there are only two things that assessment assess –on the part of the teacher and on the students.Assessmentis crucial for a teacher. It is because it gives feedback on his/herinstruction especially if the objectives that he/she set has been achieved. Moreover,it notifies him/her what are some lapses during the process that he/she oughtto fix the next time he/ she will be teaching. It also criticizes if thematerials are suited for the kind of diverse learner he/she has. Furthermore, itinforms him/her if he/she needs to implement enrichment, remedial activities orany interventions for those students who need instructional assistance so thatthey will be able to cope with the lesson that he/she is teaching. Lastly, itreflects on how effective did he/she executed the lesson through the meanpercentage score or mps that he/she got.However,assessment gives feedback not only on the teachers’ part but also on thestudents.

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As stated earlier, assessment provides a response about how thestudents progress and develop and we can see this is through the activitiesthat a teacher gives such as written works, performance tasks and quarterlyassessment. There are also different kinds of assessment that can be used by ateacher, it’s either observation or interviews so that he/she could be betterfamiliar with them and to understand more about their background. These assessmentsare ought to be implied so that the teacher will be able to know if thestudents have already a knowledge or if they learned something from thediscussion that they did. Moreover, it is crucial to know if the students havealready those skills and abilities that they must equipped so that they couldbe competent enough to face the real world independently. Lastly, it wouldreflect how well the students perform – is it poor, fair, satisfactory, verysatisfactory or excellent.  Overall,in the whole session, I learned how important the assessment is and its majorfunction in the instruction process.

It is now clear to me that withoutassessment, no matter how beautiful and well-constructed the other parts are,if assessment is gone, all will be in vain. As a future teacher, I believe thatassessment is always a part of my life. I will use the results of theassessment to make my teaching more effective.

When assessment informed meabout my the lapses and shortcomings in my lesson plan, of course I will never dothe same thing again and I will think of a better strategy to make my teachingimprove. Lastly, I will see to it that assessment will be my better half inadvocating successful execution of instruction.