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October 2017

Part 2: Career in Biology

The career that I chose in biology that interests me
to research was a biotechnologist. A biotechnologist uses biological organisms
to create and improve products and processes in fields such as agriculture,
environmental conservation, and medicine. Biotechnologists study the genetic,
chemical and physical attributes of cells, tissues, and organisms, and identify
industrial uses for this knowledge. In this essay, I will discuss six different
things that have information about biotechnologists. The six things are the
education that is required, the salary, the special training, the duties of
this job, the demands for this type of job, and then some pictures detailing
what a biotechnologist does.

First, the type of degree that is required to be a
biotechnologist is that the person would need to pursue an initial degree in a
field such as chemistry or biology and then afterward go on to a master’s
program in biotech. The amount of time that is needed to be spent in college to
become a biotechnologist will typically be 4 years. In this amount of time, you
will be able to earn a bachelor’s degree in biotechnology which is what you
will need to become a biotechnologist. That is the education that is required
to become a biotechnologist.

Second is the salary. A biotechnologist’s salary would
be $79,939 per year. A biotechnologists normal salary is anywhere from $49,437
to $110,698. Their bonus is anywhere from $1,788 to $14,786. Their profit sharing
amount is anywhere from $1,965 to $10,241. Their commission is $5,028. Lastly,
their total pay would be anywhere from $48,405 to $117,111. That is the salary
of a biotechnologist.

Third, we have the special training to be a
biotechnologist. A biotechnologist’s special training consists of taking
integrated programs that focus on personal excellence, mindset transformation,
leadership at work, effective business communication, corporate grooming,
handling interview questions and having creativity in solving problems. This is
the special training that is required to become a biotechnologist.

            Fourth, is the duties of this job.
Being a biotechnologist brings along duties. The duties of a biotechnologist
are to work as research technicians. They are able to set up instruments and
laboratory equipment that will be used to do experiments such as centrifuges,
flasks, and spectrophotometers. They also are about to record data and prepare
reports for the leading research scientists. These are the duties of being a

            Fifth is this the demands for the
type of job. The demands for being a biotechnologist are that the employment of
biotechnologists will go up by 5% from 2014 to 2024, just as fast as the
average occupations. The demand will increase for biotechnology and medical
research workers and so this is why the being a biotechnologist has this kind
of demand for the type of job it is. This is the demand for being a

            Last but not least, here are some
pictures detailing what a biotechnologist does:

            The first picture shows that
biotechnologists study and work on DNA and different biological studies such as
that. The second picture gives an example of am the different things that
biotechnology has involved with it and the last picture shows that
biotechnologists work in labs and those labs consist of doing different things
with different materials. In conclusion, this is the main information that is
needed to know for being a biotechnologist and all the things that are needed to
be done are listed in the six things that I explained and this is what being a
biotechnologist is.