CellsMy cell is the animal cell It really depends on which cell you are talking about- different cells do different things. Such as skin cells. They form a barrieron the outside of the body which protects the organs and tissues inside. Itstops them getting damaged by bumps and knocks and also prevents bacteria andviruses from getting into your body.

The cells structure, contains the CellMembrane keeping the cell together and controlling what substances go in andout, Cytoplasm is the water-rich matrix within a cell that contains andsurrounds the other cell contents. Nucleolus is a small region that is made upof RNA and protiens, it also produces ribosomes. Mitochondria burns foodmolecules to release energy. This energy is used by cells to do work. This workmay be building new molecules which have a particular function in the body, orit may be to produce movement.

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Ribosomes are often attached along the length ofthe ER. These manufacture proteins which pass into the inner part of the tubethey might have sugars of fats added and they fold up into the shape they needto be to carry out their function. Rough and Smoth ER. is the sythesis ofproteins or transportation materials through the cell Rough ER is rought becauseribosomes are stuck to its surface which gies it a rough apperance.

New protiensare inserted into the rougth ER there they may be chenimcaly modified. theSmooth ER are sacks that look smooth and are not studded in which chemicals andenzymes are stored.Goli Apparatus modifies and collects and distributesmolecules made at one end of the cell and used in another. Lysosomes are bags ofdestructive enzymes which are produced by the cell to break down complexmolecules.

Vacuoles are sack that store water,salts, proteins andcarbohydrates.Centriole is a structure that comains microtubule protein calledtubulin.cytoskeloten is a web of fibres which provide a sort of scaffolding forthe cell, keepings its shape and supporting the organelles which are inside.Cell Wall help protect the the cell from what is outside of the cell and alsosupports the cell. I hoped you learned alot about the animal cell I enjoyedlearning about it and wish that I could of spent more time on the project and itis also amazing that we started life being no bigger than a period on thisreport.

And that how important cells are to our life.