An effective stock market is very important for the development and growth of all economies. For this effective market it reflects stock price information that prioritizes the economy. As the process of globalization grows, the national economy has also become globalized. This global integration is beneficial to the economy, but on the other hand, there is a side effect when the financial catastrophe of the market leads to disaster in other markets when integrated with a larger market. Markets and catastrophes come from these markets.

The world economy has had considerable economic growth in the financial markets. Pakistan has also enjoyed the historical features of the stock market over the past decade. Macroeconomic indicators show the overall strength or weakness of the US economy. Key macroeconomic indicators include gross domestic product, inflation, unemployment, currency supply, interest rates, exchange rates, foreign direct investment and industrial production. Academy, researchers, investors, regulators and public authorities are macroeconomic stock market factors. The stock market, a leading indicator of the economy, reflects the level of economic activity in the United States.Picture of funny paints. Imeno dlya etogo effect Information about how to provide information on the instrument panel, preobladayushchikh eco.

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Vazhnymi makroekonomicheskimi pokazatelyami yavlyayutsya valovoy vnutrenniy produkt, inflyatsiya, bezrabotitsa, denezhnaya massa, protsentnyye stavki, obmennyye kursy, praamyye inostrannyye investitsii promyshlennoye proizvodstvo i t. D. Akademiyu, issledovatelyam, investoram, reguliruyushchim organam i gosudarstvennymy organam o intelresident identifitsirovat vliyaniye makroekonomicheskikh faktorov na fondovyy rynok. Fondovyye rynki, yavlyayushchiyesya vedushchim pokazatelem ekonomiki, helps to promote Jewish health.