The Convention provides for the establishment of Inter-American Commission of Human Rights and Inter Court of human Rights and confers with competence respect to matter blasting to fulfillment of the commitment made by state parties. Implementation of procedure of American convention on Human rights by commission appointed and elected by all OAS members. Article I of convention states. “The state parties to the convention have an obligation not only to respect the ensure their three and full exercise. They have both positive and negative duties that are they have the obligation not to violate the rights which the convention guarantees and are required to adopt the measures may be necessary and reasonable circumstances to ensure full enjoyment.

The extensive interpretation of obligation under Article 1 of convention. Article 27 of Convention allows state parties to derogate from their obligations in time of war, danger, emergency, security. The American Convention declares that judicial remedies essential for protection of non-derivable rights may not suspended. Article 28 of convention deal with federal clause which enable federal state to assume more limited obligations by binding itself only in relation to matter over which it exercise legislative and judicial jurisdiction. The function of commission is spelled out in the Article 41 of convention. The Inter-American Commission on Human rights and Inter- American Court of human rights are main organs of Convention.

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