Abstract: Current technological
advances, especially in the field of information technology have changed the
organization, but always there is risk and threat. Computer worm is one of the
very serious threat, because it has the ability to spread very quickly in a
short time and has great damage. The purpose of this paper is to investigate
and measure the metrics size of computer worm. With help of measurement
application, such as Imagix 4D, we want to know what exactly the size of this
nasty code and how they work. This paper measure computer worm code, with
experiments using Morris Worm code.

Keywords: Computer
Worm, Magix 4D, Code, Morris Worm

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Current technological advances,
especially in the field of information technology have changed the organization
in carrying out its duties from day to day. The dependence of a system
connected to each other is getting bigger. Nevertheless, the threat of an
attack on the system is running larger 1.

One of the many threats that exist in an
organization to an interdependent system is the attack of a worm computer. Computer
worm is one of the very serious threat, because it has the ability to spread
very quickly in a short time and has great damage. Computer worms work in a way
spread through the network 2, by exploiting the weaknesses of the running system. The first
worm computer, appeared in 1988, known as the Morris Worm 3. At that time its presence gained the attention of many parties.
From the existing literature 4, measurement of applications is usually done on non destructive
applications, while the measurement of destructive applications, such as worms,
so far not exist.

The purpose of
this paper is to investigate the size of the, Morris Worm code, including the
size of the file, the number of code each line, the dependency between classes,
and the mapping of each module. This measurement will use Morris Worm source
code as sample, and using the Imagix 4D application as a measuring tools.
Imagix 4D is an application to perform complete source code analysis.

work in the literature

The definition of
measurement according to ISO/IEC 15939 5 is set of operations having the object of
determining a value of a measure. To measure the size of an application’s
metrics, it can use some of the tools available 6,7. One application that can be used to perform
software metrics measurement is Imagix 4D 8. The ability of Imagix 4D is its ability to display flow charts, flow
graphs, class diagrams, metrics, and some dynamic visuals 9. Imagix 4D analysis results are capable
of displaying metrics, one of which is McCabe Cyclomatic Complexity 10, which facilitates the analysis of source

Imagix 4d Software Metric
Measurement Experiments

This experiment measures the Morris Worm
source code written in C language programming. Experiments are done using the
Windows 7 operating system and using Imagix 4D version 9.0.2 (32bit). All of
these source code will be measured using Imagix 4D, according to the
measurement sequence,  the measurement
steps are as follows:

Source code Morris Worm
downloaded from : https://github.com/arialdomartini/morris-worm.git

Imagix 4D application,
obtained by downloading from: http://www.imagix.com

the Imagix 4D application, then create a new project by: “File -> New
Project …”

4.     Open the worm source
code, by: “Project -> Data Sources”

There will be pop up window for browse and select
the source code. After the aplication loading 
source code, the result will be shown.

      The results of the experiment will be
described as follows:

File Structure Metrics


      Figure 1 show Morris Worm source code, consists of 8 files,
from directory named “morris-worm-master”. Each files namely:
cracksome.c, hs.c, net.c, stubs.c, worm.c, worm.h, wormdes.c and x8113550.c.








Fig. 1.    File Structure

Moreover, analysis result of file metrics for each files of source code can
be see in figure 2 below :








Fig. 2.    File Metrics

      Line in file is the number of
lines contained in the source code. Lines of source code is a line containing
the codes of the Morris Worm. Number of statements is the number of commands
contained in the Morris Worm. Cyclomatic Complexity10 is a lot of metrics that calculate the level
of difficulty in the source code. Average Cyclomatic Complexity is the average
difficulty level in source code. Max Cyclomatic Complexity is the highest
difficulty level. File size Bytes is a file size in Bytes. From Figure 2, it can be seen that the hs.c file
has the greatest difficulty level, while worm.c has the lowest difficulty


      Figure 3 show Morris Worm
source code class metrics. There are 16 classes in Morris Worm, where each the
class has its own members. Class bar has members = 1, class usr har members =
10, meanwhile hst has members = 15. Others class has no members.




















Fig. 3.    Class Metrics


      Figure 4 show Morris Worm
source code function metrics.





















Fig. 4.    Function Metric


Morris Worm, like any other aplication, has sizes
attached to the code inside.

When compared with worms that are more
“modern”, Morris Worm size relatively small.