A GENERAL OVERVIEW ON THESUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT The development of afull-fledged (completely developed or established) National Sustainable DevelopmentStrategies (NSDS) in post-conflict countries often remains unfeasible (impractical){There are 17 sdg’s (sustainable development goals ) but only 6 nsds}. Sustainable development” is basically the economic growth inwhich resource pursue to meet  human needs, while safeguardingor preserving the environment so these needs can be met for generations tocome.

 Linking sustainable development and peace building andintegrating (adding)them into national strategy (The art and science of developing andusing the diplomatic, economic, and informational powers of a nation, togetherwith its armed forces, during peace and war to secure national objectives. Also called national security strategy or grand strategy.)andplanning processes has the potential to create synergies (The interaction or cooperation of two ormore organizations ) and more effective policies that helpprevent relapses ( ) into conflict ISRAEL’S STAND ON SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT Israel’s standwas to ensure food security and assisting those nations to improve generalliving of the people, protecting the environment, extensive use of simpletechnology, reduce the waste, protecting the natural resources, and providehealth to people at reasonable cost. WHAT HAS ISRAEL DONE The Israeli hastaken number of steps to establish the necessary measures required for the MiddleEast and African countries as per their need.

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 In Middle East it has practically addressed building pollution free environmentand promote the sustainable use of resources in design and construction,training of people etc.In African countriesit has addressed  imparting best  agricultural technology,  repaired  infrastructure  such as  building homes, roads, bridges; restoringwater, electricity fuel supplies, schools, markets, hospitals. Provided thetraining necessary for operations & maintenance and established financialinfrastructure including start of financial institutions. Many more issues suchas building judiciary system, technological developments are established.  WHAT ARE ITS SOLUTION FOR THE TOPIC Countries must address issues such as protecting vital water sources,control air pollution , , allow for safe waste water recycling, pesticide-freeagricultural produce, and safe disposal of solid and hazardous waste.  As a CSR, Private corporations may be engagedfor sustainable development by taking initiatives includes health and safety,education, eco-friendly solutions and community investments.