Article 14 provides freedom of thought, conscience and religion.

Article 15 and 16 provides that freedom of association and peaceful assembly and right to protection from interference with privacy as well as forms attacks on their honor and reputation. Article 18 of international convent on Civil and political rights provides that “Parent or guardian have full right and duty to provide assistance to child in exercise of these rights in manner with evolving capacities of chi Id. Education is one of the important elements of child life. It helps in developing the child personality, talents and their physical and the mental abilities.

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Education makes the child more aware about their rights and duties. The children learn about human rights and fundamental freedom. The convention recognizes the right of every child to education. As primary education should be free and compulsory for all. Various vocational training and primary education should be given to children so that they have responsible. Life in free society. They can also know and learn values and ethics like peace, friendship, equality, and understanding.

Through education, children can learn the value of truth and justice and have a bright future. So no children should not deprive of education and should have basic education. Article 28 and 29 also deals with education, as its most important element for child development and by which children can learn the basic value and become aware about their rights. Recreational activities play also helpful in children development. State parties also gave respect and promote the right of child to leisure and participate in their cultural activities.

Convention also provide that mass media is also beneficial for children in giving them information and helped in their well being. Television, children book create more knowledge among children.