Today almost all the families present in our societies are nuclear families as a result of which, a child from the very beginning does not understand what actually is the significance of unity in a family. From the very beginning every child becomes accustomed to live in a way that never in the short span of his life he understands the significance of what it means to stay in a joint family.

A house which is internally divided does not even gets its share of happiness; the happiness that is the right of each and every member of the family. When a family or family members are not closely knit with each other, the outsiders take the advantage of the situation and the family members are left with nothing. The situation becomes similar to the situation where two cats fight endlessly over a nut and the monkey takes it away.

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What is the result? The cats involved in the fight are left with nothing. Same is the condition of the human beings in a family. It is important for all of us to understand the fact that it is our family and our family members at the end of the day that come to our rescue if ever we are stuck in a mess. No other outsider can think about your well-being more than your family members. The bitter truth is that not even your closest friends will take you out of a mishap or a mess; it is the family which will take you out from any such situation.

The sooner an individual understands this fact, the better. If we closely take a look at all the families that are happy even in tough times, we will understand the fact that this happiness springs out of the roots of unity. All the parents should instill the idea of the significance of unity in the minds of their children for the betterment of their future.