A) So If I was one of the board member I would have initially voted for
the proposal that a company can use a plant in Plainville, for 3 years to stable
company’s production requirement while waiting for the establishment of new
plant. This option was beneficial because the company has not need to worry about
getting any domestic license to run the business as giving domestic license to
other then they might steal their ideas or technology.

B) After the recess I would change my decision because it is a temporary
plant and it does not give permanent jobs to the employees. Moreover if Byte
products, tell the employees that this plant is just for 3 years no one would
like to work over there because as the population of the town is less therefore
new people will settle in this town with their families and if they came to
know that the plant is temporary they might never invest in this town.

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2. The board director should not be thinking only in the favor of overcoming
company’s demand but also think about the community of Plainville after 3
years. So the board of director first go to Plainville and do some research on
economy of that town and what will happen if the plant closed.

3. Yes, the Byte executive tell the town administrators and its potential
employees that it is temporary plant for 3 years and after this plant closed
they must have think for some other employment.

4. So the alternative solution is that byte can do partnership with another
manufacture to meet its demand until the new plant is built.

5. I will postpone the vote and give some more time to select which
alternative is good. Moreover I will convince with Kevin Williams may be we find
some another good solution until the next meeting.

6. Poor forecasting and demand planning caused byte’s current facilities
shortage. I think if they use time series forecasting technique this situation will
never happen.