A database system is a computerbased system, it consists of three main components. It has Front endapplications, BDMS, and the database. The database is a collection of data, hasgraphs, tables and many different accessories to record information (when thedata is organized then data turns into information). In this case scenario Iwill be creating a database that can handle rental transactions, recorded inventory,and customer information. This database will use in a Video rental store.  Users without knowledge that want tocommunicate with the database are known as Front-end-users.

Since the databaseswill be use in a daily basis by customers, Front end applications are necessaryso users can easily use the database. Back-End- users such as me and my fellowemployees, take care of the database, and connect directly with the database. Theyhave the right knowledge and expertise to do so.  All of these components are necessary to the videorental database because it ensure the database is user friendly anduseable.   The Video rental store is currentlyusing a paper database, everything that gets done in the store gets recorded onpaper. The store has a large number of movies, they have movies coming in andout.

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The store lacks space to display every single one of them so customersdon’t get the full view of their inventory.  The store also has many old and new customerscoming in each week. The store gets new customers everyday so keeping a paperrecord of every single one of them is complicated. This can create some troublebecause this paper database does not update until the end of the day, when thestore is closed. The database is going to replace does problems by providing acomputer based inventory and search system with the database. The store wantscustomers to use a computer and search for their preferred movies. Since staffmembers are not sure if movies are available, rented or just have been turnedin. This database is design to solve that problem because you can update tablesand records in seconds.

Giving customers and employees always accurateinformation. The database will have all previousrecords of customers and can accept new records. The records will haveinformation of any customers that want to rent a video. It will assign them aunique ID along with all their details. Therefore this database targets anyonein the public.

All the previous records that are transfer along with the moviesalso will have a unique ID. Some key details that are incorporated in thedatabase that is used in the previous paper database base is:·        Movie Stock ID·        Previous Customer ID’s·        All previous transactions that was recorded inpaper While creating the database 4different tables where created to support customer, inventory and all therental transactions. Another table is created for the Employees, all of thesetables have a primary key. In lectures our professor said “unique keys shouldhave auto number so that the system generates a number for you”. All my graphshave short text as the data type because while doing relationships, the datatypes were acting up. So looking at the example database provided in thelecture (Movie Database) I follow its example and relationships are workingfine. Then 10 queries were created, 3 were giving.

One of three had to have thefollowing criteria: one calculate field, one sorted query, and a conditionalquery. The remaining 7 were giving freedom to me, for all 7 I use two differentset of graphs. In order to view and Input user, inventory, and transactionsforms where created. One form for each tables, so in total 7 forms werecreated. All of them are user friendly accepting new data and browsing theusers requested data. Also 2 Reports were created one using Customer table andthe other one show the Revenue of the movies in the database.

                Allof these components are necessary for the database to work properly. Havingthese details will make sure the database is efficient, because I would be ableto hold old and many more new records. Staying up to date, using a paperdatabase didn’t mean quick updates in seconds, this database will fix theproblem. Responsiveness, since the rental shop lack space to show all theirmovies.

The database will show all of them when the user request. The design,the database will be user and employee friendly. If customers want informationabout a certain product they can find it, for employees they will have accessdirectly to the database is changes need to be made.  This can be changing the rental price oradding a new movie.