2. High level of self-confidence 3. Understanding audience psychology 4. Respect for time management 5.

Voice modulation 6. Domain-related knowledge/familiarity 7. Good command over the language 8.

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Proper use of acronyms and aide memoirs 9. Repertoire of anecdotes, fancy words and expressions The act of speaking sometimes transcends into a performance. The speaker, in every one of these roles, will have to ensure value addition and leave behind an imprint.

The liberty of a moderator or compeer would depend on the seriousness of the occasion and the level and composition of the audience. The speaker will have to confine to the specifically assigned role and not stray into the main speaker’s or anyone else’s territory. Equally significant is the fact that managing the time dimension on every such important occasion would become very relevant. Speakers should develop the art of compressing their speeches into the available time.